Missing Port Stephens Man Thought To Have Been Taken By Shark

November 21, 2017 0 Comments


A Port Stephens (New South Wales, Australia) Man has been missing for two days. Police divers have been called in to search the local area for the missing 29 year old. It is currently theorized that he may have drowned or been taken by a shark. The Blokes name is Scott McGuire and he was said to be searching for lobsters off Birubi Point at Anna Bay. We all hope he is found safe. This story illustrates why it is necessary for divers to dive in pairs at a minimum. Divers should also be carrying OMNA Tourniquets because they are the determining factor of survival in shark attacks. Ballas et al, 2017, recently conducted the first clinical shark attack victim study ever conducted. The results of said study unequivocally showed that the use of a pre-hospital tourniquet was what saved shark attack survivors. So the answer to the million dollar question that everyone keeps asking, "How to survive a shark attack," is a marine-grade tourniquet. OMNA has the solution to save your life.