Monterey California Spearfisherman Saved With Tourniquet After Shark Attack

November 25, 2017 0 Comments

A local spearfisherman was attacked by what a witness said was a 15' great white shark in the Stillwater cove off pebble beach. The man was lucky that two off-duty sheriffs were in the area when they got to shore and applied a pre-hospital tourniquet to control the bleeding, which saved his life. Doctors say he will make a full recovery. Once again Tourniquets save another life that would have been lost without the use of a tourniquet. The last reported great white incident off Monterey, California, was March 2017, when a kayaker was attacked. The kayak was damaged, and the kayaker escaped unharmed. 

If you are going to swim, surf, dive, hunt, etc in the ocean you must carry a tourniquet with you designed for the ocean. OMNA makes the worlds only marine-grade tourniquet. It's also unique because it doesn't require you to have a pouch to carry the tourniquet. It can be velcro'd to your body, or equipment easily. There are numerous variants as well, with the Amphibious Tourniquet Tether being designed to attach around a persons wrist on one end, and the other end to a speargun. 

We don't know what will happen each day we wake up, but we do know that we can be prepared. There is no substitute for the right gear. If you live the near the water, or spend a good amount of time in the water you need a marine-grade tourniquet. Preferably, one that is conducive to your water sport or profession of choice. OMNA has you covered with our tourniquets. We even have tourniquet leashes for surfing, paddle boarding, and body boarding. Since Ballas et al, 2017, determined in the first shark attack study ever conducted that pre-hospital tourniquets are what determines shark attack survival don't you think you'd want to have the right tourniquet with you? Be smart, Be Ready with OMNA Tourniquets.