OMNA Tourniquet Board Leash

Video of OMNA Tourniquet Board Leash sold by TacMed Australia. A Tourniquet can be the difference between life and death. When you are in the ocean or waterways anything can happen. This isn't limited to Sharks or Crocodiles. There are a number of hazards that can cause a laceration that causes arterial bleeding. In order to stop the bleed, you must act quickly and apply a real Tourniquet asap. CoTCCC guidelines currently state that if the wound is not readily apparent apply the tourniquet as high and tight on the injured limb as possible. The tourniquet should be applied above the wound. 3 simple steps make OMNA Tourniquets easy to rapidly apply. Pull Tight, Wrap, Lift Ratchet. Improvised Tourniquets can't be applied with one hand. OMNA Tourniquet Leg Ropes can be applied one handed by using its bite strap. The life you save may be your own. When you are surfing, bodyboarding, or stand-up paddle boarding make sure you surf safe with an OMNA TQ Leash.

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