Spearfishing – Why A Tourniquet Is A Divers Best Friend

Spearfishing – Why A Tourniquet Is A Divers Best Friend

January 21, 2018 0 Comments

Spearfishing Tourniquets

Spearfishing – Why A Tourniquet Is A Divers Best Friend

The Best Tourniquet For Spearfishing Is The OMNA Amphibious Tourniquet or Speargun Tourniquet Tether. 

Spearfishing is a great sport that encompasses free diving, scuba diving, boating, and hunting. I mean who doesn’t like fresh fish, and lobsters? Having the right spearfishing accessories is just as important to having the right spear gun. Since 35% of pre-hospital deaths are from bleeding it makes sense to carry a tourniquet as part of your everyday carry #EDC on land, so why not the same in the water? When spearfishing you are literally carrying around a bleeding / dying fish, which can be a tractor beam for other predators. Sharks are what people think about first when they thinking about bleeding in the water, because well it’s a terrifying thought. Regardless of the statistical probability you cannot guarantee you won’t be one of those unlucky people who gets an investigative bite, or more. Therefore, they are one reason you should carry a tourniquet with you as a diver.

Some other reasons you should carry a tourniquet when spearfishing are the following:

Spear Injuries:

It is possible to get speared or cut by your own spear / spear gun. This is especially true if you are hunting with multiple people. A spear can cause penetrating trauma to your arm, leg, torso, or head. This means bleeding, and other trauma injuries have the possibility of having to you.

Spearfishing Tourniquet

Propeller Injuries:

Do you use a diver down buoy when spearfishing? If you don’t, you should. There are numerous boaters that don’t pay good attention to the water and its surroundings, and the last thing you want to do is get sliced by a propeller. A propeller injury can cause trauma bad enough to kill you very quickly.

 Boat Propeller Tourniquet

Shark Attacks:

As mentioned previously the ocean and some rivers are home to sharks. They are the apex predator, we are visitors to their domain, and should prepare and act accordingly. Carrying a tourniquet with you while diving means you have the ability to deal with bleeding injuries immediately.

Shark Attack Tourniquet

Other Marine Predator Attacks:

Crocodiles, barracuda, and others have the potential to cause great injury or death to you or another spear fisherman.

Barracuda Tourniquet

The aforementioned are just some of the ways a diver could need to stop the bleed with a tourniquet while in the water. So how do you know which tourniquet to carry? The best tourniquet is the tourniquet you determine is right for you. If you are going carry a tourniquet remember you get what you pay for, and quality isn’t cheap. More importantly, you need to consider the environment and conditions you will use and expose your tourniquet. Since spear fishing, free diving, scuba diving, and boating take place in marine environments, and more often than not, salt water you need a tourniquet made for marine environments, or at a minimum has amphibious capabilities.

Best Spearfishing Tourniquets

Currently, there is only one tourniquet on the market made specifically for spear fishing, free diving, boating, and scuba diving. OMNA Inc., makes the Amphibious Tourniquet, which is made to withstand harsh marine saltwater environments. OMNA TQ’s are also wearable on your ankle, wrist, belt, or other equipment, which means you don’t have to buy an expensive pouch to carry your tourniquet with you. You could even wrap your tourniquet around your spear gun, or better yet use the OMNA Speargun Tourniquet Tether, which allows your tourniquet to be worn around your wrist or arm, and connects to the pistol grip of your Speargun. It comes equipped with a 7mm coiled polyurethane leash with stainless steel swivels molded directly into the ends of the cord. The cord is coiled to be 1-foot in length, and can stretch to 4-feet long. An optional quick release pin also allows you to rapidly detach the cord if needed.

It’s clear that the best option for spearfishing are OMNA Tourniquets.

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