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Maritime Tourniquet

The OMNA Marine Tourniquet is the first and only marine tourniquet. Designed for in water application, and marine environment durability, it does what other tourniquets can't. 100% marine-grade with a variety of marine features making it the ideal tourniquet for marine, surf, dive, fishing, offshore, and amphibious operations. 

Journal Special Operations Medicine (JSOM) Fall 2020: OMNA Marine Tourniquet Self-Application (52 - 61) Hingtgen E, Wall PL, Buising CM

Rugged, Lightweight, & Compact
100% Marine-Grade 
3 Internal Fail-Safes
Bite-Strap to Aid 1-Handed Applications
Non-Slip Hydrophobic Webbing
Instructions For Use (IFU) on Exterior
Place to Record TQ Application Time
Powder Coated ALL Stainless Steel Ratchet 
Ratchet Max Load 550 lbs (250 Kgs)
Designed for Repetitive Saltwater Exposure & Training Use 


Marine Tourniquet Specifications: Length 19" Stored (38" Extended) 2" - 2.5" Width.

OMT Instructions For Use

Ratchet Operation