Our mission is to provide everyone with legitimate, regulated, and scientifically tested medical devices engineered for the water in innovative configurations.


OMNA has a few meanings.

  1. The first is native to the U.S. Marine Raider & Reconnaissance Communities. The acronym stands for One Man National Asset. It is typically said to someone who has been schooled out. I.E. Jump, Dive, Sniper, Breacher, etc. The name pays homage to the military and aligns with our goal to make you ready for anything.
  2. The second is native to the Hindi Language where OMNA means PURE.


To establish and maintain our excellent reputation as a leading supplier and manufacturer of medical devices, sporting goods, and tactical equipment, we are committed to:
  • Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers
  • Providing high quality products including the best components, processing, and delivery
  • Meeting the requirements of our quality management system
  • Maintaining the effectiveness of our quality management system
  • Continual improvement of our processes
Our success is determined through the use of measurable quality objectives that are periodically reviewed by management and communicated to all associates.