Tourniquet Big Wave Leash:

Recent battlefield studies have proven Tourniquets to be safe and effective in controlling bleeding. Consider the following:

  • A person can bleed to death in as little as 3 minutes, and go unconscious in seconds.
  • In a pivotal military study Kragh et al stated, "75% of improvised tourniquets fail."    
  • Improvised tourniquets can't be applied with one-hand.

Injury is not the time to fumble around attempting to create an improvised TQ. We don't rise to the occasion, we sink to our level of training, and seconds can be the difference  between survival and death. OMNAs tourniquet leash let's you surf knowing you have the means readily available to save your life, or someone else in the water, or on the beach.

Conveniently, detaches from the leash so it can be accessible while driving, used hiking, camping, or any other outdoor activities.

* PREMIUM TQ Leashes come equipped with a Quick Release that detaches the leash from the TQ cuff. Ideal if leash gets caught on something underwater and is holding you down, or when using the TQ cuff in its tourniquet configuration.

TQ Sizes:

  1. Regular: 18" Stored Length & 38" Extended Length
  2. Mini: 15" Stored Length & 29" Extended Length (Reduced TQ Circumference for people with smaller limbs).
8mm or 9mm Diameter Cord
Marine-Grade Ratcheting Tourniquet Cuff
Self-Locking Ratcheting Mechanism 
3-Step Instructions For Use On Exterior With TQ Application Time Label
Up To 6-Times The Value For One Low Price
Board Retention, Drowning Prevention Quick Release, TQ For Bleeding Control, Crush Injuries, and Improvised Pelvis Immobilizer / Patient Immobilizer.
Marine-Grade Ratchet Has Max Load Of 600 lbs (272 Kgs)

Innovatively engineered to perform to the highest standards in a wide range of conditions. Save your Board, Stop the Bleed, Save a life. 

* Instructions For Use and Packaging can be customized in any language.

Designed & Assembled in the USA 

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