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TOURNIQUET TETHER: Don't donate your gear to the ocean depths; attach OMNAs Tourniquet Tether to your underwater camera, free diving, or other gear.

To use the tourniquet simply PULL to remove the stored strap, insert the end through the RED d-ring WRAP the limb, Velcro, and LIFT the ratchet.

Diver Bleeding Trauma Statistics
* Quick Release: The Quick Release pin and cord enables rapid leash detachment to prevent drowning, and speed up TQ application. 
** Add-On: The A locking stainless steel 316 carabiner to reconfigure your tourniquet tether into a Freediving Tourniquet Lanyard.
4 ft. Coiled Length
7 mm Diameter Cord
Non-Slip Maritime Tourniquet Cuff
Powder Coated Stainless Steel Ratchet 
3-Step Instructions with TQ Application Time Label
Surf Strap can be adjusted One-Handed 
Modular Bite-Strap Aids 1-Handed TQ Application & Secures D-ring while Surfing
Board Retention, Tourniquet, and Quick Release In One
Marine Ratchet Max Load 550 lbs (250 Kgs)

Innovatively engineered to perform to the highest standards in a wide range of conditions. Save your Gear, Stop the Bleed, Save a Life. 

Ratchet Operation

TQ Tether Storage



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