The Inertia: Leash Designed to Save Your Life.

The Inertia: Leash Designed to Save Your Life.

August 04, 2015 0 Comments

Here is a Surfboard Leash Specifically Designed to Save Your Life

Leashes are one of the most basic pieces of surf equipment. They’re so common that we sometimes forget their main function is safety. Nobody wants to dodge an errant board, let alone have to swim after their own following a wipeout. But how often do we look at them as a potential life saving device– specifically in the case of a shark attack?

That’s the ingenuity that brought on the creation of OMNA’s water sports tourniquets and their  genius tourniquet leash. According to the company’s blog, a person can bleed to death within as little as three minutes time. But in the fortunate cases where patients have tourniquets applied to their wounds before the onset of shock, survival rates shoot up to 96%. Those are odds that make having a practical piece of safety equipment on hand during remote surf trips, or just any session in general, a pretty smart idea. Now, a leash does naturally work as a solid tourniquet to begin with. But watch the video and see how simple and effective OMNA’s made their invention. This leash runs at just under $50, which is certainly more than your run of the mill performance leash. But we’d bet the first time one of these saves a life, the extra cash out of pocket will seem like just a drop in the ocean.

First thing’s first, we want everyone to be safe out there.