A Zoo for swimming with Crocodiles & Alligators?! Bring your Tourniquet.

November 09, 2017 0 Comments

In What world is it ok, and what parents would allow their children to swim with Alligators and Crocodiles? Apparently, this one. A German court has ordered Krokodilzooin Friedberg, Hesse (Crocodile Zoo in Friedberg, Hesse, Germany) to not allow patrons to swim with the might reptile predators. That is unless they are 18 years old, and have been fully informed of the risk. Heralded, as a Unique Worldwide Attraction, it seems more like an accident waiting to happen. Maybe this is where they hold the annual Darwin Awards? If not, they should.

I for one have a healthy respect for marine predators including Sharks, Orcas, and the like. So you won't find me willing swimming free with a wild animal that could kill me in an instant. I hope they at least have paramedics, and fully-stocked trauma kits at the ready. A Tourniquet could be the difference between a foolish swimmer living or dying.  

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