Foilboard Injury OMNA Tourniquet

Foilboard Tourniquet

February 01, 2019 0 Comments

Foilboards are surfboard that have a hydrofoil that extend underneath the board to create lift and speed. The foilboard was originally invented by big wave surfer Mango Carafino, and other surfers such as Laird Hamilton help pioneer its use. 

Statistics show that the most common surf trauma injury is caused by a surfboard, is a laceration, and affects a surfers leg. Many of these injuries occur from surfboard fins, also known as skeg cuts.

Surfboard Fin Laceration Skeg Cuts Tourniquet


Foilboards don't just have 1-3 fins like traditional surfboards, they have a long vertical and horizontal hydrofoil capable of doing exponentially more damage to a surfer. So what's the solution?

1. Proper Training: proper training helps surfers surf within their abilities, and conditions.

Marine Surf Tourniquet

2. OMNA Tourniquets: OMNA makes tourniquet surf leashes and other surf tourniquets like the OMNA Marine Tourniquet. These innovative marine tourniquets enable surfers to immediately control bleeding from surf bleeding while still in the water. This enables them to lose less blood, and provides the best means of survival in the surf / marine environments. to learn more visit

Foilboard Tourniquet