Gen 2 Available 12/2018 - 01/2019

Wrightsville Beach Spearfishing Tournament

Spearfishing Free Divers Unanimously Approve OMNA Gen 2 Tourniquets

July 15, 2018 0 Comments

Spearfishing Free Divers Unanimously Approve OMNA Gen 2 Tourniquets

Free Divers testing the new OMNA Maritime Tourniquets® during the Wrightsville Beach Spearfishing Tournament voice unanimous approval for the Gen 2 OMNA TQs.


Spearfishing Tourniquet

Spearing Free Divers Wear OMNA Amphibious Tourniquet


Spearfishing Tourniquet

The Gen 2 Amphibious Tourniquet™ has been improved in a variety of ways:

  • Improved Maritime Materials
  • Lower Profile All Stainless Steel Marine Ratchet
  • Instructions Readable Top & Bottom
  • Thickness Reduced > 50%
  • And more...

Freediver Spears with OMNA Marine Tourniquet

Freedive Marine Tourniquet

The OMNA Marine Tourniquet™ provides divers an option when it s comes to their tourniquet / first aid needs in the water.

  • 4 Built-In Fail Safes 
  • Low Profile
  • Marine Materials
  • And More...

Whether you are diving, spearing, boating, fishing, sailing, or other aquatic activity the right tourniquets for all your maritime needs are OMNA.

Free Divers in North Carolina stop by Front Line Freediving in Wilmington for all your OMNA and Free Diving Needs.

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