General Use Tourniquets and Marine Tourniquets

General Use Tourniquets and Marine Tourniquets

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General Use Tourniquets and Marine Tourniquets

The majority of tourniquets are not made for exposure, degrade rapidly from exposure, and are classified as general use. Conversely, a Marine Tourniquet is made specifically for marine environment use, and its materials are made for exposure. 

 General Use Generic Tourniquet

  • Tourniquet, n – a surface applied device used to stop the flow of arterial blood to limb tissues distal to the tourniquet.  (ASTM definition)

OMNA Marine Tournique - Military Made in USA

  • Marine Tourniquet, n – a tourniquet able to maintain efficacy when exposed to the marine environment.

What specific environmental exposure criteria should a marine tourniquet meet?

UV Exposure - Ability to Withstand ASTM G155-13 UV Exposure of at least 6-months without significant loss in strength.

Saltwater - ability to pass ASTM B117 salt fog test, more specifically Mil Std 810

Hydrophobic - Materials should not absorb water.