Lifeguard Torpedo Buoy Tourniquet

Lifeguard Torpedo Buoy Tourniquet

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Lifeguard Torpedo Buoy Tourniquet

Lifeguard Rescue Torpedo Tourniquet

First Responders such as Lifeguards are the first line of defense on the beach. Their local knowledge of water and beach conditions along with first aid training mean they offer the most comprehensive immediate life saving response. Having the right gear for the job, and the ability to rapidly deploy enables lifeguards and surf life savers to most efficiently do their job rendering aid. Marine rescue equipment such as the iconic red torpedo buoy, or rescue surfboard allow rescuers to reach swimmers in distress to prevent drowning, but what about bleeding control? Most lifeguards are still using older tourniquets that the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research studies show must stay in their packaging in a first aid kit to maintain effectiveness. Furthermore, most life saving organizations do not keep tourniquets immediately accessible, which means precious time is wasted, that could be the difference between life and death. So what is the ideal stop the bleed, bleeding control tourniquet for lifeguards, and surf life savers?

OMNA Tourniquets are the first and only marine grade tourniquets in the world. They utilize an innovative marine ratcheting system that facilitates tourniquet application in the water; reducing the time from injury in the water to tourniquet application, keeping as much blood in the body as possible. 

  1. Windlass tourniquet mechanisms are ineffective in the water, therefore, OMNA tourniquets give rescuers, and other first responders an edge in the maritime environment. 
  2. OMNA Tourniquets use only marine-grade materials. The proprietary webbing and thread is hydrophobic (Doesn't absorb water) like other tourniquets that use nylon. They also have superior UV resistance. Why? Because unlike other tourniquets, OMNA Tourniquets are made for exposure out side of their packaging to the elements, and not just any elements, the marine environment.
  3. OMNA Tourniquets and Tourniquet Surfboard Leashes can be attached to lifeguard rescue torpedos also known as, "Torps," which makes them Torp Tourniquets. This unique advantage allows lifeguards and surf life savers to always have immediate access to their tourniquet to stop the bleed from keg cuts, surfboard fin lacerations, shark bites, outboard motor propeller cuts, and more.

Torp Tourniquet

Time matters in lifesaving, and so does having the right equipment designed for your specific use, users, and environment. When it comes to stopping a limb arterial bleed in or around the water, the choice is clear, OMNA Tourniquets.

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