Lifeguard Tourniquet

Lifeguard Tourniquet

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Lifeguard Tourniquet

Surf Life Saving Tourniquet

Lifeguarding also known as Surf Life Saving requires a special kind of person to execute the job correctly. Lifeguards must be:

  • Fit
  • Astute
  • Self-Aware
  • Skilled in First Aid
  • Cognizant of Ocean Conditions
  • Able to Communicate Effectively 
  • Work Well as a Leader or Part of a Team

Not everyone has or can be trained to the standards required to be a surf life saver. 

The same goes for tourniquets. Not all tourniquets are created equal. The water just like intensive selection courses is one of the greatest equalizers, and it requires a specific type of person, just as it requires a specific type of tourniquet to overcome its challenges. 

Application of a tourniquet in the water, or maritime environment is much more challenging than on land.

Not only do you have to contend with staying afloat, rescuing yourself - or someone else, swimming to safety, evading the threat, you've also got to get that tourniquet on asap to keep as much blood in the body as possible. If you have to wait until you get to shore or back to a boat before you can effectively apply your tourniquet you or your rescued swimmer might not make it at all.

A number of studies have shown that completing the required number of turns of a windlass bar tourniquet is extremely difficult to impossible in the water.

Said difficulty increases exponentially depending on a persons strength, endurance, and stamina.

To date, the best tourniquet style for the water is a marine ratcheting tourniquet.

This conclusion was reached during studies that showed this style of tourniquet could be rapidly and effectively applied while in the water. In addition, it was found that since the OMNA Maritime TQs were wearable lifeguards were more likely to carry them with them, instead of having them stashed somewhere in a truck. Furthermore, the OMNA tourniquets use proprietary marine materials making them more durable than traditional tourniquets when it comes to ocean and UV exposure.

Lifeguard Tourniquet

As a lifeguard or surf life saver it is recommended you carry an OMNA Tourniquet to provide the best means to control hemorrhaging on the beach, surf zone, or water.