OMNA Emergency First Response Divers Marine Tourniquet

OMNA Emergency First Response Marine Dive Tourniquet

February 17, 2019 0 Comments

Emergency First Response Dive Tourniquet

OMNA Emergency First Response Marine Tourniquet


Boat propellers, coral, shipwrecks, barracuda, sharks, and other hazards are present at all times when scuba diving. First aid preparedness in the water is a challenging endeavor because bleeding injuries requires marine-grade medical equipment such as tourniquets, or dry, sterile gauze and dressings. Since you’re dealing with water the idea of bringing dry, sterile gauze or dressings with you is not possible, and until recently there were no tourniquets that were marine-grade. OMNA Inc. recently introduced the first and only Marine Tourniquet that is capable of withstanding the saltwater environment.


When it comes to Dive 1stAid The OMNA Marine Tourniquet is the ideal tourniquet for a divers alert network.

They feature: 

OMNA Marine Tourniquets Features


OMNA Marine Tourniquets provide divers the means to stop the bleed while in the water. The marine ratcheting buckle mechanical advantage system enables divers to efficiently and rapidly control bleeding in the water without having to get back to shore or to their boat to apply a tourniquet. In addition, its textured exterior enable users to grip the components more effectively in water, which speeds up application time for a system that is already designed so that it can be used by anyone regardless of strength. 

OMNA Marine Ratcheting Buckle 1"OMNA Marine Ratcheting Buckle 3/4"

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