OMNA Marine Tourniquet vs 7mm Wetsuit

OMNA Marine Tourniquet vs 7mm Wetsuit

June 03, 2019 0 Comments

OMNA Marine Tourniquet vs 7mm Wetsuit


Currently, there is no existing data that has looked at the viability of tourniquets when applied over wetsuits. This should be explored further by other researchers because lifeguards, marine patrols, scuba divers, public safety divers, and the like use and carry devices in the marine environment. We conducted a case study at a local vascular clinic to determine tourniquet efficacy if the user is wearing a thick 7mm wetsuit.  

Materials / Methods:

  • 1-OMNA Marine Tourniquet
  • 1-7mm Wetsuit,
  • 1- GE Doppler Ultrasound

The OMNA Marine Tourniquet LOT OI0003, Manufacture Date: 20190306, was applied to the Right Thigh, High & Tight, over the 7mm wetsuit.


The OMNA Marine Tourniquet was successful at achieving Arterial Occlusion Pressure / stopping the arterial blood flow through the 7mm wetsuit.