Law Enforcement Officer LEO Tourniquet

Police Ankle Tourniquet

January 25, 2019 0 Comments

Law Enforcement Officer Tourniquet

Law Enforcement Officers already have a lot of equipment on their duty belt. Some don't have room to add a tourniquet. The OMNA Amphibious Tourniquet has a unique capability that other tourniquets don't, it is wearable. So what's the advantage? For LEO like Police, Sheriffs, and other law enforcement and protective security agents the OMNA Amphibious Tourniquet can be worn on their ankle. If there is room on their duty belts they can also strap the OMNA Amphibious Tourniquet to their belt, which saves them money because they don't need to buy an extra pouch. To learn more visit the OMNA Amphibious Tourniquet page.


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