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Surfing Injury Statistics

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 Surfing Injury Statistics

Shark Attack Tourniquet

The most common surf injury you hear about in the news is a shark attack. However, when it comes to trauma, a shark bite is the least common surf trauma injury. The most common surf trauma injury is a laceration, to a leg, but the cause is not what you think, its not a great white shark, it's a surfboard.

The most common diving and boating bleeding trauma cause is an outboard motor propeller, which causes deep lacerations or amputations to the arms or legs.

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The probability of human and shark interactions increases due to a variety of factors like more humans in the water, murky water, over fishing, climate change, migratory patterns, ambient light, time of year, El Nino, etc... 

Can a shark cause considerable damage to a human in the ocean, of course.

Are humans on its menu? Nope!

Most shark encounters are sensationalized by the media; a shark is simply looking for its next meal, and you happen to look like some of its usually prey, so it moves in to check you out, with the only thing it can because it doesn't have limbs, its mouth. That's why many so called shark attacks are a few bites, and that's it.

Even though its just investigational you can be left with some severe lacerations and bleeding that must be dealt with immediately with medical devices like tourniquets. Since you are likely to not carry a tourniquet, or if you do carry one it needs to be marine-grade and part of your existing equipment because you will likely repetitively expose it to the ocean which means if its not made for that there is a good change it won't work properly. Almost no tourniquets are actually marine-grade with the exception of 1, and only 1 is integrated into a surfboard leash, so do your research, don't succumb to disruptive marketing that may jeopardize your life, or the life of a loved one. 

If want to surf, dive, and enjoy the water with no worries, and you don't want to risk your tourniquet breaking from exposure, be tourniquet smart, not just shark smart, choose OMNA. 

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