OMNA Marine Tourniquet the Marine Tourniquet made by Recon Marines for Marine

The Marine Combat Tourniquet made by a Recon Marine for Marines

December 01, 2018 0 Comments

The Marine Combat Tourniquet made by a Recon Marine for Marines

There is marketing, then there is real marine. American rescue companies invest their resources in marketing because they want to be everything to everyone, even though their combat tourniquet is not, and cannot.

OMNA is different, we invest in products and people, we believe in a better way, something greater. OMNA is NOT driven by corporate profit margins like the other companies. We are a service disabled veteran owned small business that has roots in surfing, search & rescue, diving, recon, marine, and numerous other maritime professions and water sports, so we know what you actually need. OMNA Tourniquets are made specifically for water use, every detail extensively engineered and tested for optimized performance in marine / maritime environments. What we care about is providing you the end user the best tourniquet, ifak, or trauma station in or near the water. 

For example, the OMNA Marine Tourniquet is designed and patented with innovative marine features. It's not just a medical device, its classified as a durable medical good. It doesn't matter how strong or weak you may be, the mechanical advantage, materials, and design bridges the gaps you need in the surf and ocean to be successful. You don't have to be some jacked lifeguard to successfully apply the marine tourniquet, the instructions are even on the device so that no matter which way you look at it, you can read them.

Check out our website, social media, and send us any questions you may have so you can better understand the OMNA advantage.