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Dive First Aid: Are Your Tourniquets Marine-Grade?

February 12, 2019 0 Comments

Dive First Aid: Are Your Tourniquets Marine-Grade?

Whether you are a scuba diver, spearo, or free diver the importance of keeping a tourniquet on your person or at a minimum your boat cannot be stressed enough. Do you know if your tourniquet is marine grade? Do you know why marine grade tourniquets are a necessity in the water?


The marine environment is one of the most corrosive and harsh environments on products, which is why there is a difference between normal, everyday tourniquets, and marine-grade tourniquets. Traditional windlass tourniquets, and other common types are not marine grade. They use materials that absorb water, which makes them weaker, are highly susceptible to UV and marine deterioration, corrode, and or rust. These more common tourniquets are not made for exposure and have been scientifically proven through studies to have a 40% loss in effectiveness from regular everyday exposure outside of packaging. The latter is why if you take a windlass tourniquet out of it’s packaging the manufacturer voids your warranty. They know that its not made for exposure, it’s a single use device, that must be kept in its packaging.

Combat Tourniquet


Marine environment activities require marine tourniquets that can withstand repetitive saltwater exposure without significant loss in effectiveness or degradation of materials.



Marine Tourniquets are designed for in-water tourniquet applications. Not all mechanical advantage systems are the same; water can complicate and slow down systems that may work ok on land.


Which Tourniquet is Marine-Grade?


The first and only marine grade tourniquet is made by OMNA Inc.

OMNA Marine Tourniquet for Diving

  • 100% Marine-Grade
  • Ocean Rated
  • Engineered for repetitive saltwater exposure and training use
  • Fast in-water application system
  • Hydrophobic (Doesn’t absorb water)
  • Superior UV, Corrosion, and Marine Resistant Properties
  • Neutral Buoyancy