Shark Attack Tourniquets

Shark Attack Tourniquets

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Shark Attack Tourniquets

OMNA Tourniquet - Shark Attack Tourniquet

Sharks are only one possible mechanism of injury that can cause life-threatening bleeding in the water. Boat propellers, other marine life, coral, boats, rocks, etc. can all be a mechanism of injury that causes a laceration or amputation of a limb that requires a tourniquet to stop the bleed. Regardless of the mechanism of injury what’s most important is that you have a marine tourniquet that is 100% marine-grade, made for in-water application.


Marine First Aid Factors To Consider:

The Injury Occurs In The Water: Bleeding injuries that occur in the water, need a marine tourniquet applied ASAP. It can take considerable time to swim back to a boat or shore, which you may not have.


  • The human body has a finite blood supply
  • A person can bleed to death in as little as 3-5 minutes
  • Shock can develop in as little as 36-60 seconds, therefore you need to have a tourniquet applied before shock onset
  • Shock affects your ability to think, act, and move
  • Tourniquets applied before onset of shock are associated with 96% survival rate, whereas tourniquets applied after shock onset are associated with a 4% survival rate
  • OMNA Marine Tourniquets are the only tourniquets made for the marine environment, built to withstand exposure, able to be carried at the ready, for divers, spearos, boaters, and anyone, able to be applied immediately

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